Handcrafted Leather Travel Bags For Adventurers.

Chuupul’s story has everything a story recipe requires to be successful: a great dream, plenty of love and passion, and of course, a pinch of adventure!

"Most dreams sound just a little bit crazy
when you say them out loud.
 -Natashia Paul

I am a nomadic soul with an entrepreneurial mindset - the countries of the earth have graced me with the opportunity to experience her treasures and commune with her people in Thailand, Mexico, Costa Rica, Australia, China, and Jamaica, and I am just getting started. For me, there's nothing like the freedom of travel. The leisure time, exploration, discovery, and most of the relationships we forge, both old and new. Chuupul = together.  Through travel, we come together.

Acting on my love for freedom, I set off on a journey from New Orleans, LA, to the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico, with my dog Foley, just us two...dreaming and driving. As I drove cross-country, constantly unpacking and repacking my oversized mass-produced plastic luggage along the way, my imagination found a home in Chuupul Leather Travel Accessories. 

I decided to combine my long-lasting love for handbags with my passion for traveling, and just like that, Chuupul was born!

Creating Bags That Celebrate Minimalism.  My goal is to offer discreet luxury to business and vacation trips by creating minimalist designs with no attention-grabbing embellishments or logos.

Made with 100% premium full-grain leather, our pieces will last years and get even better over time.  Each Chuupul piece is handcrafted. Every scratch, scar, cattle brand, and color variation add individuality to our products, making every bag unique.


Based in New Orleans, Louisiana, Chuupul Leather is NOLA proud, a city is known for its resilience. Chuupul Leather is committed to building upon that spirit of perseverance.  We are focused on developing a Sustainable and Socially Active Brand.  A considerable part of Chuupul's mission is to assist the many communities Natashia calls home.

Delivering on that mission, the company has developed partnerships with artists and manufacturers worldwide, curating raw materials and artisanal works stimulating opportunity and economic growth.  At home, we are donating backpacks to kids in foster care in need of suitable luggage to call their own. We also support an array of other charitable organizations and annual fundraisers.

"The road less traveled, may not even be a road."  

Natashia's ultimate goal is to use something small, like a backpack, to inspire people to go after their dreams while also giving back to those in need! 

We are committed to providing high-quality travel accessories with a purpose.

To learn more about Chuupul's mission or Natashia's solo international travels, please feel free to contact us at hello@Chuupul.com.